Blackberry Ginger

This complex aged balsamic vinegar is

naturally flavored with the gentle heat

of spicy ginger and kissed with ripe sweet

Marion blackberries, which makes it very

rich and versatile. Combine with a drizzle

of olive oil to enhance your favorite salad.

Reduce in a saucepan with a splash of wine

for a rich finishing sauce to accompany

succulent roasted pork or poultry. Great over

pancakes or ice cream. Gently combine with

ripe, juicy strawberries. Pair with our roasted

walnut oil for an out of this world combination.

*Our naturally flavored balsamic condimento is

aged in the traditional Solera Method and PGI

(Protected Geographic Indication) certified to

come from Modena, Italy.

Blackberry Ginger
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