Gravenstein Apple

The Gravenstein Apple is an incredibly

hard to find varietal due to the difficulty

farmers have cultivating it.  In addition

to contending with a very finicky tree, it’s

also not an apple that travels or stores well

so it is best enjoyed during its relatively

short season and isn’t typically shipped far. 

It’s grown in pockets up the coast of Northern

California and prized for its amazing ambrosia

perfume, and crisp, sweet-tart cream colored flesh. 

Our Gravenstein Apple White Balsamic marries the

complexity of the Gravenstein’s larger than life flavor

with our well balanced Ultra Premium White Balsamic

Vinegar from Italy for a delectable culinary symphony.

And as always…..All natural, No artificial flavors,

No thickeners, No added sugar, No Caramel color or dyes,

No artificial flavors or added ingredients whatsoever!

  • Country of Origin: Modena, Italy
Gravenstein Apple
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